Confraterniy MC



Confraterniy MC

Confraternity Motorcycle Club, born December 16, 2017 in Italy in the city of Rome is formed mainly by members of the law enforcement service and in retirement, and all those who compete in the order and public safety, close friends and supporters of the categories, who have a passion for motorcycles but also a spirit of brotherhood and loyalty to their members.

It was born with the founding members, already coming from other MC realities, in which they had not found what they were looking for, finally identifying their idea of ​​MC.

The CONFRATERNITY MC, is not a 1% club, does not associate with clubs 1% nor with those who support them, they respect all those who show respect, however they only support those who respect the law and do not identify themselves as an outlaw. The Club has a patron saint, St George, which we celebrate every year on April 23rd and also a watchword that reflects our values ​​VIRTUS ET HONOR!