Itus Virtus LE/MC


United States

1736 E Sunshine St Ste 303A, Springfield, MO 65804

We are a Law Enforcement, Military and First responder club who has 5 chapters in 2 states (Missouri and Oklahoma). We have raised and donated back to our communities over 2 million dollars. This year for the first time ever we have been able to cover both the National Cemetery and Veterans Cemetery's in Springfield, Missouri with our Wreaths for Fallen Heroes program and we will also be covering every Fallen Hero's final resting place at the Carterville cemetery this year. We will have placed over 19,000 Wreaths this year.

Itus was a Greek God who was known as the protector of the city.

Virtus was the Greek God of the military and stood for courage, strength, honor, and loyalty.
The Itus Virtus LE/MC was originally founded by a group of thirteen individuals with different backgrounds and personalities. Since the inception, we have grown to five charters and spread into two different states. Our original club was created on September 11, 2013 in honor of those who lost their lives in the attacks of 9/11.


The mission of the Alliance is to provide support, networking, education, and brotherhood among like-minded, law abiding motorcycle clubs. The Alliance will promote the best practices, democratic values, and social responsibility among its members. In the spirit of equality and co-operation, The Alliance will endeavor to build and uphold a positive public image by our members and in our communities.

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