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Shadow Saviors RC


United States

Shadow Saviors RC

Evansville, IN, USA

Shadow Saviors RC was officially formed in Evansville IN 2022. It was the brain child of a few friends that love motorcycles and animals. We started this riding club knowing that there was a need to help local shelters that were not only over-populated but housed sick, starved, abused, or just unwanted animals. Having pets and caring for animals is one of my wife's and my greatest passions. We love animals of all shapes sizes and species. We also love riding motorcycles. So we decided along with the encouragement of our friends with the same interest, to combine our two passions. So back in 2019 we started planning what has now bloomed into Shadow Saviors Riding Club.

We host rides and fundraisers to help give back to the animal shelters that do amazing work in our area. We promote adopt, don't shop as well as spay and neuter clinics.

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