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Updated: Dec 16, 2019

With the days getting warmer the possibility of riding after dark increases. Here are some useful tips for night-time riding.

1. Reduce Your Speed. Stay as close as possible to the posted speed limits. Darkness reduces your effective sight distance and your effective reaction distance.

2. Increase Your Distance. Give yourself more time to think and more room to react.

3. Use The Lights On The Vehicle Ahead Of You. In some cases the vehicle ahead of you can offer you increased sight distance.

4. Use Your High Beam When No Other Traffic Is Present. I lose my auxiliary lights when my high beam is on, but I gain longer sight distance on the travel lane ahead. Remember that your high beam can be blinding to an approaching driver and annoying to a rider in front of you.

5. Be Flexible About Lane Position. Place yourself within the lane where you are most conspicuous to any motorist who may pose a hazard to you. It is possible to blend in with the lights of a vehicle traveling behind you in the same lane making you less detectable to an approaching motorist. Also be aware of a vehicle traveling in the lane adjacent to you. This person may make an unexpected lane change into your space.

6. BE VISIBLE, BE VISIBLE, BE VISIBLE ! There are many things you can do here to help yourself:

Auxiliary Lights. Although limited by law as to number and location. Front facing lights can make the bike appear larger and more conspicuous, thereby reducing the possibility of a right-of way violation by an approaching motorist.

Reflective Material. Especially visible from the rear and sides. Placed on the bike or rider, it doesn’t matter, it helps.

Riding at night requires a higher level of attention on your part. Ride so as to anticipate potential hazards. Cover the clutch and handbrake levers when riding in traffic where the possibility of right-of -way conflict is higher. A good reference site for this can be found at...

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1 Comment

Ron OX
Ron OX
Dec 27, 2019

Very good reminders and advice to follow and pass on to other riders. Simple reminders and lead by example when riding.

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