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The International First Responders Alliance of Motorcycle Clubs has taken a new step forward in our mission of solidarity, fellowship, and networking. We have created the Memorandum of Understanding. This MOU is meant for Alliance member clubs to make official their commitment to the principles of freedom, unity, and brotherhood among those individual, but like-minded motorcycle clubs in all of their variations. By signing the Memorandum of Understanding the member club pledges to abide by the simple, law abiding, code of conduct articulated in the Alliance by-laws:

  • Give Respect - Get Respect

  • Claim No Territory

  • Commit No Crimes

  • Support The Brotherhood

The member club further agrees to co-exist in the spirit of co-operation and support with other member clubs who share the same core values regardless of their club’s individual mission and/or goals.

The Alliance is not based upon a hierarchy of clubs, but is built in the round table concept where all clubs are equal in their status and sovereign in their governance. Alliance club leaders are encouraged to get to know each other, especially where they share geography, and discover their common ground.

Each club that signs the MOU is given access to the identities and contacts of their fellow Alliance clubs for networking purposes. Alliance member clubs are invited to contribute blogs and articles to Full Throttle Full Mag for publication.

We, at the Alliance believe that working together we can help to change the public perception about motorcycle clubs to a positive one by demonstrating that co-operation is better than conflict. We pose no threat.

The Alliance patch, worn by our member clubs and solo riders, is our common symbol, and a visual message to all, that regardless of our individual patches and identities, we are the good guys.


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