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Updated: Dec 16, 2019

Just after the 2014 Alliance Conference I had occasion to Visit the Oklahoma City, Alfred Murrah Federal Building, Memorial Site and Museum. This is the site of the 1995 bombing act of domestic terrorism that changed our world. For the next several days I could not stop thinking about what Freedom is and what it means to those of us in the law abiding MC world. What follows here are some of my conclusions.


We agree to live by the Rule of Law. It is the only way to protect the weak and to control the predators among us. We must all control our urges and behaviors if peaceful co-existence is to be possible.

There has always been a way to describe and separate those behaviors that should be unlawful. There is a way to deal with offenders in a way that is fair, just, and swift. We call it the Rule of Law, and like it or not, it applies to EVERYONE.

Our Democracy is full of those who would preserve their own freedoms and take away the freedoms of others. The basic rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness belongs to all. The vigilance to protect freedom and individual rights never ends.


Far too many Americans have stood up for the concept of Freedom and gave their lives, livelihoods, bodies, and their personal wealth while trying to protect others whom they did not even know while defending freedom. The military in foreign lands, The Police and Firefighters here at home. Doctors and nurses, teachers, judges, lawyers. Most especially the innocent victims in the constant war to defend freedom against those who would take it away using violence, fear, intimidation, and treachery.


The Alliance is made up of members who have chosen to engage in those occupations that exist to defend the concept of freedom. In our personal lives we choose to belong to Motorcycle Clubs with like-minded people, often in the face of opposition from both government and private groups. The Alliance seeks to defend freedom by forming and unifying motorcycle clubs which is an activity protected by the First Amendment right to associate.

We design and display logos and insignias accompanied by mottos. We often display these things on our clothing in the form of patches sewn in place. This is also protected by the First Amendment, freedom of expression.

We also exercise the freedom to move about using the public infrastructure which belongs to EVERYBODY. An unenumerated right of the Tenth Amendment.

In short, we form Motorcycle Clubs because we can. The law gives us the freedom and the right. These freedoms and rights have been defended with the lives of American soldiers and citizens, police officers, firefighters, and volunteers. We honor their sacrifice by wearing expressions of that freedom on our backs, on our sleeves and on our skin.

We stand our ground in exercising our hard won freedoms and rights already paid for with the blood of those willing to defend it. We do not ask the permission of those who do have the authority to grant it or deny it. We will not deny others those rights and freedoms that we recognize are preserved for all.

This is what freedom in the law abiding MC world is all about.

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