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Updated: Dec 16, 2019

The rhetoric and flames of conflict are running very high these days. There is serious contention between the 1% MC community and the Law Abiding MC community, especially the LEMC community.

We acknowledge that there are MC’s out there who are misusing the LEMC designation and are acting as antagonists. There have been numerous incidents of MC members who are not LEO’s who believe they can use the LEMC designation as a shield against the consequences of their unacceptable behavior(s). There are also LEO’s who wear a patch and act like thugs and criminals. This is an insult to all of the law abiding LEO’s who choose the fellowship of MC life.

While I do not often speak for those I don’t even know, as a lifelong LEO and a lifelong biker, today I will stand up and speak out for my brothers and sisters in the LEO community. This is especially for those who ride and belong to an MC. We are offended by those in our ranks who are damaging our reputations and credibility in the MC world and in the community at large.

The LEMC designation was never meant to antagonize or provoke anyone. However, it is no surprise that some of our worst elements are attracted to this life. Every profession has its bad apples and ours tend to use their positions to look for trouble. The LEMC designation was meant to communicate that the wearers had earned, and were granted, the highest level of public trust. Anyone who misuses the LEMC designation is not worthy of this level of trust.

The basic motto of the Badge is to “Protect and Serve”. The Badge itself is a symbol of public trust. It symbolizes that the public, who we are sworn to protect and serve, trusts us to do the right thing when it comes to recognizing the delicate balance between the power of government and the rights of citizens. Sometimes LEO’s go wrong in this mission. Contrary to what some people believe, the law enforcement profession polices itself more rigorously than most other professions. I CALL ON ALL MC’S AND LEMC’S TO DO THE SAME.

As to the brewing conflict between the 1% world and the 99% world, it is safe to say that the law abiding MC community does not want this. The average LEO who rides and belongs to an MC will tell you that he/she just wants to spend time with their brothers and sisters and ride. We see enough conflict everyday at work and we don’t want it in our precious leisure time. The “conflict” is being fueled mostly by rhetoric and hype generated by keyboard rangers and acted upon by low level players who think their actions are somehow justified.

The average 1%’er is not a criminal and will tell you he has no problem with LEO’s as long as they leave him alone. The Biker who chooses a criminal lifestyle recognizes the justice system as a risk and the cost of doing business. The average 99%’er will tell you that he recognizes their right to exist and peaceful coexistence is the answer.

It is now incumbent on all MC leadership to look inward and weed out the trouble makers. This type of conflict will only bring disrepute on all of us. Remember that the law that protects us in our MC activities protects the 1% too. ALL MC activity that is lawful is protected by the rule of law. ANY MC activity that is unlawful is subject to a response by recognized authorities.

There is only one true form of brotherhood. It is compassionate, tolerant, benevolent, and recognizes that people are different in spite of their similarities and similar in spite of their differences. The 1% and the 99% are separated by very little and have much in common. We, in the LEO world, are supposed to be peacekeepers, on and off duty. Let’s do that first.

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