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Updated: Feb 5, 2020


In 2012 the Idea for the Alliance became a reality with the original members’ creation of the National Advisory Board. The Advisory Board was never intended to “Run” the Alliance but rather, to build it. The plan was to implant the concept of the Alliance in the minds of receptive bikers and clubs by talking about it and bringing like-minded people into the circle. The idea that separate clubs who share a basic law-abiding philosophy could use solidarity, friendship, and networking to pursue the ultimate goals of social legitimacy and positive public perception is becoming a reality.

The only way the Alliance can work is by club leaders stepping up and embracing diplomacy with other like-minded clubs in their geographical area(s). The Alliance will build from small localized factions of co-operating clubs into a nationwide movement complemented by a connected network of law abiding motorcycle clubs from coast to coast. No club is asked to give up any part of their identity or unique character. This diversity is good for the Alliance.

The advantage is that we can demonstrate how, in our case, how solidarity can change the modern perception of the biker world as a negative social phenomenon. We, and only we, can eliminate the negative stigma of bikers by using our numbers, our law abiding philosophies and our behaviors to show the world that the outlaw biker is a true minority.

The next step in this process is the emergence of the Alliance Regional Emissary. So far The Alliance has been blessed with a handful of Regional Emissaries who have stepped up the task of rallying the like-minded clubs in their geographical areas in Texas, New York, Mississippi, California, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Tennessee, Ireland, and Scotland. With Advisory Board members in Missouri, Utah, Oklahoma, and Georgia who function in the role of Regional Emissary, the Alliance is slowly growing.

The typical Regional Emissary is a club officer who may serve as club President, Vice President, or Road Captain. The title of the individual is less important than the motivation and charisma of that person. A true emissary believes in the message that they carry. A successful emissary will create his own inner circle of club leaders who support the Alliance by being a part of it.

The leadership structure of the Alliance will evolve over time and with growth, and eventually the Advisory Board role will be just that. We envision that in time the Advisory Board will simply be the administrators of the by-laws and facilitators of Alliance growth and development.

The Regional Emissaries will eventually become the round table of club leaders that will determine policies, practices, and pursuits of the Alliance. These things could include legislative lobbying, charitable causes, and support programs for Public Safety practitioners and their families.

There is no set limit on the number of Regional Emissaries that the Alliance will have. Any club leader who is in a position to be able to organize like-minded clubs into agreeing to mutual support in their area in the name of the Alliance is a good candidate.

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1 Comment

Ron OX
Ron OX
Jan 18, 2020

The Alliance has helped the Four Kings LE/MC and myself meet other like minded/Law Abiding clubs and members from the United States and Ireland. I and the Four Kings LE/MC look forward to meeting more clubs and members in the future.

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