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Updated: Dec 16, 2019

The Alliance was formed as an antithesis to the traditional Confederation Of Clubs, to provide networking, support, intelligence sharing, and solidarity among like minded, law abiding Motorcycle Clubs.

These clubs have made the decision to NOT have the terms of their existence dictated to them by OUTLAW clubs who lack the proper authority in our society. The Alliance recognizes only the legitimate rule of law as a limiting factor in all aspects of their existence.

Alliance clubs stand together and use their collective voice to publicly state that we will not be told that we need anyone’s permission to form a club, what patches we can or cannot wear, or have limitations placed on our freedom of movement. We do not recognize a COC’s authority to place illegal restrictions or regulations on us.

We recognize that some outlaw clubs will use threats, intimidation, and even violence to enforce their perceived authority over law abiding clubs, especially those who don’t wear the LE cube. We will stand our ground. The law is on our side. It is a perversion of common sense to allow self proclaimed outlaws to rule over those who pledge to live within the law. There is no freedom in that.

The Alliance stands behind their proclamation that any legitimate motorcycle club has the RIGHT to form and exist. No permission from outlaws or anyone else is needed. The patch design chosen by any club is only restricted by trademark and copyright laws and good sense. The right to display the name of any geographic location and to be identified with it belongs to ALL CITIZENS. The right to travel freely, patronize businesses, attend events, and assemble publicly and privately belongs to ALL MOTORCYCLE CLUBS.

The outlaw code of silence is necessary to keep the lid of secrecy on the fear, intimidation, and criminal violence that is employed by some outlaw groups to control and curtail the Constitutional freedoms that drive the law abiding motorcycle club movement. The Alliance will not stand silently by while free citizens in the motorcycle club community are oppressed In this way.

By joining the Alliance, a club is entering a new brotherhood that provides a larger voice to protect their own interests. Law abiding bikers are much greater in numbers than the outlaw clubs. Law abiding bikers can consolidate their influence with greater numbers, economic power, and political influence. There is no security in isolation and faction.

By joining the Alliance, every club agrees to support and uphold the freedoms to form clubs, wear patches of their choosing, and not submit to the self proclaimed authority of the outlaw clubs. We do not question the determination of the outlaw clubs to reserve these rights for themselves. We refuse to be denied these rights for ourselves. The same law that protects them protects us too.

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1 Comment

Ron OX
Ron OX
Dec 21, 2019

Fellowship, Brotherhood/Sisterhood and sharing of ideals/beliefs with other like minded Law Abiding Motorcycle enthusiast.

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