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Charity, what’s in it for me?

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

I have spent most of my free time for the last 12 years working with Law Abiding MCs. I have been around motorcycle culture most of my life and I enjoy what I do. Being associated with the Law Abiding MC world, I enjoy my bike, brothers and make a contribution at the same time.

Like any cycle, there are seasons and events during the year that drive MCs to fine tune and repeat their steps annually. We see evidence of this repetition during the holidays, when clubs get out there and feed the hungry, give toys to kids and participate in rides that support great charities. During the year, many clubs have driving missions that keeps them busy visiting Hospitals, Cemeteries and performing duties to serve the greater good of the public.

Like any business endeavor, riding for charities requires attention and hard work. Some of the events MCs focus on are so big, that it takes most of the year just to properly produce the single event. Bikers do not get paid for this work but the time and effort spent are equal to any part time job.

What motivates bikers to donate time and money for charity? There are lots of reasons, but it really boils down to helping others and feeling good about the contributions you make. It is the best feeling to be of service to others, knowing you are doing something meaningful and worthwhile.

Do you need some self confidence? Donate your time to help others and watch that confidence grow. With confidence at an all time high, we want to climb to the highest peak and share our good deeds. Fueled by the energy we receive from helping others, we want to share that great feeling. Our intentions are not to brag but to shed light on important work and charities that still need help.

So if some events take a full year of planning, countless hours of work and tens if not hundreds of bikers to perform the duties, where is the pay off? Reciprocity is the pay off. The saying. “What goes around comes around” is the spiritual law of Reciprocity that says “what you put out comes back to you”. There is no bigger pay back than a smile from someone down on their luck, that you have helped.

The next time you see a biker in a Santa suit, or you see a biker standing in a cemetery holding a flag, know that that person is being paid in full. That biker isn’t standing there in the rain and cold to hear “thank you”, they are participating in something much greater than that.

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1 Comment

Ron OX
Ron OX
Dec 28, 2020

Charity is in the heart. Charity should be done for others first and for yourself second and often, not just during the holiday season, as everyday is as important as a "Holiday".

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