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The 2024 Alliance meet up Louisville KY

The 2024 annual alliance rally for first responder and law-abiding motorcycle clubs, sponsored by the Iron Vikings Motorcycle Club in coordination with Full Throttle Full Mag, was a resounding success. Over two hundred motorcycles assembled, representing multiple clubs from across the United States.

Throughout the weekend, everyone pitched in and helped one another, fostering a strong sense of community and support. Safety was a top priority, and thanks to the diligent efforts of the Iron Vikings' international road captain, not a single motorcycle incident occurred.

As is customary, the alliance board gathered during the weekend and had a highly productive meeting. You can listen to the podcast of that meeting here...

New gatherings mean new growth. All in all, the alliance has been blessed with over four hundred new members as a result of this event. This growth is a testament to the strong bonds and shared values within the community.

Along with all the fun and productivity, the attendees also united to raise money for a downed rider from the Four Kings LEMC. The generosity and solidarity displayed were truly heartwarming, highlighting the compassionate spirit of the alliance.

There were numerous unsung heroes over the weekend who went above and beyond basic hospitality. Their efforts did not go unnoticed and were greatly appreciated by all in attendance. A stand out group that was focused on meeting the needs of guests were the ladies of the IVMC, the The Valkyries. The comfort and support The Valkyries showed were second to none.

Each year, this gathering grows not just in numbers but in spirit as well. What started as a spark of an idea has now blossomed into a robust umbrella of brotherhood, bringing together like-minded individuals from all over the world.

This year's rally was a testament to the strength and unity of the alliance, setting a high standard for future events. The camaraderie and shared purpose were palpable, leaving everyone eagerly anticipating the next gathering.

Alliance Co-Founder

Full Throttle Full Mag - Founder

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