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The Alliance - What is it? Who are we?

The International First Responders Alliance of Law-Abiding Motorcycle Clubs AKA The Alliance was born in 2013 out of conflict. A small group of leaders got together from different law-abiding motorcycle clubs to confront the issue of oppression from outlaw MCs and coalitions. This was the first time that such a group would consolidate their efforts in an organized way and announce it to the world. We knew that a large collective voice was the only way to get the word out.

The Alliance is an association of independent and sovereign motorcycle clubs and organizations who agree upon certain basic principles of freedom and respect. We pledged to work together, often despite our differences, to prove the law-abiding biker culture is legitimate, substantial, and here to stay.

The Alliance employs a simple Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed by each participating club. The MOU simply states the core principles of The Alliance and the club representative’s signature indicates that club’s agreement. It is a simple statement of alignment with our core beliefs which are:






The Alliance recognizes the independence and autonomy of all like-minded clubs. The unique identity, character, and function of each club is sacrosanct and valued.

The Alliance is NOT a governing body. We exist to cooperate and assist each other in pursuit of our common goals of freedom and acceptance in our communities.

The Alliance simple Code of Conduct is based on common courtesy and common sense:


The Alliance recognizes every club’s right to exist without interference or oppression. We expect Alliance members clubs to view each other as equals, with equal rights and responsibilities.


Alliance member clubs agree to make no claim of control over any geographic area which is public domain. The use and display of any geographic name is reserved for ALL as a means of identifying the affiliation with that place.


Alliance member clubs are expected to be law abiding organizations with law abiding members, who use only lawful means of subsistence, support, and operations.


Be an active part of the brotherhood. Get to know your fellow member clubs and show solidarity with them. Keep in touch with them. Attend their functions. Support their causes. Help them when they ask.

We know that motorcycle clubs are notoriously self-sufficient and autonomous. Achieving cooperation between previously separated groups has been groundbreaking and difficult on a landscape where conflict is more common. We are happy to report that you all have proven it can be done.

Along my journey I’ve discovered that motorcycle club success is based on the ability to develop friendships. Successful clubs that have members who are friends have a bond that solidifies brotherhood. Members are far happier when mutual friendship exists. This is the essence of brotherhood. Friendship transcends patches and club names, and is key to The Alliance’s success.

Our common ground is demonstrated by The Alliance patch worn by hundreds of bikers from numerous different organizations. The patch lets anyone know that the wearer is one of the good guys immediately and allows us to readily identify each other. The biker wearing the patch is no threat, supports citizens and first responders, and is available to assist anyone in need. The Alliance is first, and foremost about diplomacy.

In short, the very recognizable Alliance patch is our badge; the badge of the law-abiding biker regardless of club membership. We encourage those who wear The Alliance patch to pass this message along to anyone in the emergency first responder community, law enforcement community, and the community at large.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a biker that I did not know in a gas station in another state because he was wearing The Alliance patch and I didn’t have to wonder if he was approachable. ~ Pablo

The Alliance Advisory Board exists only to facilitate and encourage the collaborations between clubs that makes this work. It is your desire and willingness to do the work that allows the Alliance to exist and thrive. To put it bluntly- YOU ARE THE ALLIANCE. We, on the Advisory Board are only the doorkeepers and your servants. Our only job is to keep the engine running while you drive.

I sincerely believe we have made a difference in public perception and acceptance for our culture. I know this because I have watched (and learned from) so many of you while you work together to coordinate and complete works of charity and benevolence with the help of non-MC entities worldwide. This is The Alliance. This is YOU.

We have created a network of communication based upon trust that has resulted in exchange of information that benefits of all off us. We have spent time together on the road and off, burning away the miles, breaking bread, and sharing campfires. Life-long friendships have formed. Our world is bigger and much more interesting.

2023 marks the tenth anniversary of the operation of The Alliance. The road has been bumpy and long. Many doubters and haters bet against us and continue to do so. But more have embraced the ideal that we can retain our separate identities and independence while standing together and use our collective voices to make our place and hold our ground. You all did this, and we are all stronger and better for it.

The Alliance lives for one reason, because we believe in it. We believe in each other. We are willing to risk failure to achieve success.

While other groups like the Alliance exist in the law-abiding biker world, we were the first and we are the best. YOU are the best, and it is our distinct honor to stand with all of you.

Here is to the next ten years, many miles, old friends, new friends, and continuous improvement.

We hope to see you out there. Ride safe, Have fun, and God Bless.

The Alliance International Advisory Board

Paul “Pablo” Harnett - Chairman, The Alliance Advisory Board

John “Wyld Stile” Larson - Media and Communications Director

Ron “OX” Teel - Law Enforcement and Public Safety Director

Grant “Spectre” Prest - Director of European/International Affairs

Glen “Shingle” Cook - Legal Advisor

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1 Comment

Ron OX
Ron OX
Jun 30, 2023

Another great read.

Also, some solid thoughts and reasons we do what we do and why we do it.

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