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Legion of St. Michael LEMC

The Alliance International Advisory Board is pleased to announce the induction of the Legion of St. Michael LEMC as an Alliance member club.

The Legion of St. Michael is a law enforcement based motorcycle club founded in 2014. The Legion of St. Michael is an international club based in Chicago, Illinois with chapters in the United States, Italy, Great Britain, and other locations in the world.

The Legion of St, Michael LEMC is comprised of Law Enforcement officers, corrections officers, firefighters, and other public safety practitioners. Their focus is to support people, charities, events, and organizations to benefit the individuals and families who face hardship due to duty related death or incapacitating injury.

Please reach out to any Legion of St. Michael LEMC chapter or member near you and let them know you support them. Click here

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Ron OX
Ron OX
Mar 25, 2023

Welcome Aboard

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