In the past, distance has possibly given us the feeling of being isolated. But In 2020, the addition of the "Vid" has compounded it, making us feel even farther apart.

All of us in some form or fashion experience some isolation. As a Vanguard, being alone, by ourselves, disconnected, cut off... feeling isolated can be a part of being passionate about riding but not surrounded by a club.

For the Vanguard, we've chosen to step forward, step up and reach out to connect with a Brotherhood. A Brotherhood of friendship, a Brotherhood of shared passion, a Brotherhood integrity, a Brotherhood of trust, a Brotherhood of example, and a Brotherhood of belonging.

As in the past and possibly more so in this last year, even though our brothers aren't physically next to us, we know through our connectedness that these Brothers and Sisters are there and they are in spirit standing with us. So if you're willing, if you think to, reach out to a Vanguard to let them know that you are standing with them.

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The mission of the Alliance is to provide support, networking, education, and brotherhood among like-minded, law abiding motorcycle clubs. The Alliance will promote the best practices, democratic values, and social responsibility among its members. In the spirit of equality and co-operation, The Alliance will endeavor to build and uphold a positive public image by our members and in our communities.

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