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New Advisory Board Member

Updated: May 19, 2022

Grant “Spectre”Prest

National President - Kaotic Angels LEMC - Great Britain

The Alliance International Advisory Board would like to announce the addition of a new board member to the International First Responders Alliance of Law-abiding Motorcycle Clubs.

Please join us in welcoming Grant “Spectre” Prest, National President of the Kaotic Angels LEMC-London, England to the International Advisory Board as a full board member and Director of European Affairs for the Alliance.

The Alliance has waited years for the right person to step up to this task. Spectre has distinguished himself as a leader who gets things done. He has been recognised and Knighted into the Order of St. George for his leadership with the Kaotic Angels in their efforts to successfully feed over 200,000 hungry people in England during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Spectre brings first responder and management skills learned during his time in the military and law enforcement. Most importantly, Spectre brings the necessary diplomatic skills to lead in a diverse and challenging environment.

We are excited for this next step in the development of our unique and strong Alliance in the law-abiding biker world. Please join us in support of this new chapter as The Alliance moves into the future.

Paul “Pablo” Harnett

Chairman - The Alliance International Advisory Board

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3 comentarios


Me gusta

Crazy Eagle
Crazy Eagle
21 may 2022


Me gusta

Ron OX
Ron OX
17 may 2022

Congratulations and welcome aboard.

Me gusta
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