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The International First Responders Alliance of Motorcycle Clubs is the official title of “The Alliance”. The Alliance was formed as an alternative to the Confederation of Clubs organizations that exist in many states. Motorcycle Clubs that have Law Enforcement officers as members are considered persona-non-grata in CoC’s for very good reasons. The main reason being is that 1%rs are usually in charge of CoC’s and their values too often come into direct conflict with the law abiding policies of Law Enforcement and Public Safety Motorcycle Clubs. These clubs may include Police, Corrections, Fire, Emergency Medical, some Military, and civilian clubs who support Public Safety ideals and wish to remain in the 99% category.

The Alliance is not a rule making body. We don’t presume to have authority over any club’s existence, operation, patches, or membership.

The Alliance is a co-operative association of independent clubs and bikers who share the same general philosophies of freedom and friendship while maintaining our independent identities.

The Alliance is a network of different but like minded clubs who use their collective talents and energies in co-operation to do some good in our communities and build the solid reputation of the law abiding biker and motorcycle club as a socially responsible asset to the motorcycle culture in the USA and places abroad. As the network builds, we are finding individuals and clubs that are influential, skilled and talented. This provides a resource for all to offer and benefit from skills and experiences that help us move toward our goals.

It is a sad fact that when some clubs form they tend to turn inward and shun the type of cooperation and interaction that the Alliance promotes. Slowly we are learning that our differences aren’t so great and by working together we get stronger as individuals and collectively.

The generally negative perception of bikers and motorcycle clubs by the public is the result of the actions of a very small number of anti-social individuals, sensationalized by the media, and mimicked by too many otherwise good people. The Alliance seeks to change this perception.

The Alliance patch can be worn by any motorcycle club whose members have chosen to support the goals and objectives of the Alliance, and wish to communicate that to others. When a biker sees the Alliance patch worn on the front of a cut he/she knows that person is a friendly, law abiding biker who works in, or supports those in Public Safety professions. This simple demonstration of solidarity between separate, like minded clubs, assures the public that we bring no harm or disturbance to the community, but will work together for the benefit of all.

It also serves to assure Law Enforcement and other Public Safety workers that we are on their side and support and appreciate what they do every day. Their co-workers, on their day off, just might be riding or socializing with us. In joining The Alliance, a motorcycle club is stating that they share the goals and objectives of the Alliance, and wish to be viewed as this type of club.

By wearing the Alliance Patch a club is communicating their belief in the goals and objectives of the Alliance, and identifying themselves as such to all interested parties.

We are aware that some clubs who support The Alliance Don’t wear the patch out of concern that they may offend the local outlaws. We ask that you keep in mind that freedom isn’t always easy. The outlaws who choose to display offensive or intimidating images don’t care if you’re offended. The same law that protects their freedom of expression protects yours too.

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1 Comment

Ron OX
Ron OX
Jan 16, 2020

Sharing time and thoughts with other like minded people and motorcycle enthusiast. Not a bad way to do things.

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